twinkiesgood (twinkiesgood) wrote in just_askme,

what to wear

ok well homecomming is comming up haha yea wlel anyawyas i dont have time and im shopping this weekend cuase i think my comp will be cancled so yea! i can shop and i want to know if yall like my idea for what i think i will wear cuaSe i wnat to get all spify for it cause im going wiht my gf and my love! so yea to me its big/! so yea shes gonna probly wear this dress im showing yall! that she just got and i loev it i think its beautifull and well ive dotn wnat to wear black like i allways do so yea im thinking wearing all white with a black tie mabye even a white tie so im gonna just go get a new suit! and shoes probly i feel like a girl getting clotes for a big dance lol! haha yea so im thinking like chrisp clean white pants and pure white shirt nice and folded and crisp with all the lines and all and with a nice white jacket that i need to find with the rest of my clotes i really need to ask andy! lol hes teh suit king! lol haha but i like yall opion so yea thanks guys peace! look at the pic and decide for me cuase im horrible at this!

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