Nil Chameleons (cup_kun) wrote in just_askme,
Nil Chameleons


1. Name: Michael Nelson
2. Age: Fourteen
3. Location: Central North Carolina
4. What type of music do you like? Anything, really, with a special place for epic trance and drum-and-guitar punk.
5. Name your favorite movie(s): Be Cool, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Jackass
6. Best/Worst Personality Features: Best? Eh, I'm generally understanding, I suppose. I'm extremely objective and don't raise an eyebrow at anything. Worst would be the fact that I am quite OCD.
7. Favorite Book(s): Eats, Shoots and Leaves
8. Favorite TV Show(s): Law and Order: SVU, House, Oz, Six Feet Under
9. A Quote(s) you live by: The wise man lives his life as a comedy, while the fool exists in tragedy. - Horace Walpole, paraphrased
10.What do you think you will bring to this community? Like I said, I take everything objectively and I can offer a generally knowledgable opinion on anything. Nothing's too weird for me to not take it seriously.
11. Where did you hear about us? or which lj user? I was looking at users with the interest 'ask me' when bored once. I saw this interest in zanarkand__sky's userinfo.
12. Provide an lj- username AND community to where you promoted us: Uhm, no? Sorry, promotion in other communities is just plain annoying. If I hate it when others do it, I don't do it myself.
13. Add one picture of yourself. Here, have a bunch - due to my layout, I can't link to specific galleries. See "Moi, le fat ugly one".
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