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here is this one better?

1. Name: Michael loveless
2. Age: 15
3. Location: Yorktown VA
4. What type of music do you like? Rock and it all because it all has the same heart and passion of their music so i love it all!!
5. Name your favorite movie(s):  Men of honor!
6. Best/Worst Personality Features: Best Funnie Worst Jerk
7. Favorite Book(s): Bible
8. Favorite TV Show(s): MXC ED EDD AND EDDY
9. A Quote(s) you live by: Love god love people
10.What do you think you will bring to this community? eveything my mind has! my opions my questions!
11. Where did you hear about us? or which lj user? psycosftbalfrog

12. Provide an lj- username AND community to where you promoted usashleyiam  , nonuglybrunette

13. Add one picture of yourself.

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