brittany (babymonkey89) wrote in just_askme,

hey guys! i'm finally back from camp... it was so much fun. check out my journal for the details... alot of hot holland guys there*sighs*... anywho, i need advice on a few things..
1. i want to change my belly button ring but it's been pierced for a month. my best friend changed her's like 2 weeks after she got it done, same time as me.
2. i went to the beach 2 days before i went to camp. now i'm almost mistakin for a mexican but i'm peeling and my mom thinks i had a 3rd degree burn on my chest because it's like an inch long, it started out as blisters and then it got longer and i popped the biggest one and now i have an over an inch long red mark on my chest, HELP ME!! i know not to go to the beach before camp or preseason. i want to know how to stop the peeling because it's so gross looking.
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